Growth & Innovation

In the Idea economy, brands can be created faster than ever, categories can change direction overnight, and consumer audiences can dramatically shift. With social networking and blogging, word-of-mouth and brand reputation is being built differently, and it costs a lot less through social media to do it. The key is innovation, and Emerge can help you think about your consumer and category landscape differently to develop product and services of meaning.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 9.05.38 AM

Many companies are not selective enough in targeting where they want their growth and innovation to happen, and they often follow leads opportunistically instead of driving them relentlessly at predetermined targets. Innovation is a two-way process of collaboration, and it’s often about creating small, but meaningful points of differences the consumer really values.
– How do I and should I globalize my business?
– How do I scale the growth?
– Where should I lead versus fast-follow?
– How and where should I be looking to innovate?

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