Strategic Plan

For many retailers and manufacturers, the strategic plan is either a dust collector or is nonexistent, and this shouldn’t be the case. The strategic pathing for an organization can be galvanizing, inspirational and actionable if communicated correctly. There are really two types of plans: The first is more overarching for the organization, and the second is more specific in its mission, such as Ahold setting a target of achieving 40% own brand share by 2016.

A comprehensive strategic and operating plan is not a nice-to-have in today’s environment, as it sets up your entire organization and brand for success. The best plans are highly actionable, they establish clear targets and accountabilities, and are repeatable throughout all levels of the company. They often require a partner to critique, facilitate and drive.
– How do I reward action within the plan?
– How can I distill the objectives to engage all levels of my org?
– Can it be both inspirational and executable?
– What are the people, structural and timing needs for getting to targets?

Emerge is expert at collaborating on the right strategic plans for its partners, distilling the organization’s points of difference and putting them into action internally and externally.

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