Key Trends

Emerge has identified twelve powerful trends that affect retailers and suppliers, and there are 4 key questions to ask yourself with regard to all of them.

LEADING / Are you ahead of the trend?
WITH IT / Are you on trend?
BEHIND / Are you following the trend or way behind?
UNOBSERVANT / Are you off trend?

Let us analyze these trends with specific respect to your business and get a conversation started that will provoke your team to think differently.

12 Trends

What Emerge sees are some important takeaways from these trends:

– There is a “new” shopper emerging who values brands differently; more experimental, juggles more and hears less. Shops more, in “stores” less.
– Retail reinvention in certain channels is creating a chasm – the ones who are leading and the ones left behind.
– This is the age of the proactive supplier; invention-led, insight-led and more selective in coming to market

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