Mark Dickinson

Mark is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Emerge, and he possesses a unique perspective on the global retail marketplace and how brands succeed within it. To be honest, he should. Mark has traversed the world, developing personal and enduring retail partnerships across 5 continents, and he has a great sense of the interconnection of culture, consumer behavior and sales.

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He has worked with some of the most influential retailers of our day, including Aeon in Japan, Lotte in Korea, Massmart in South Africa, Pingo Doce in Portugal, Eurocash in Poland, Office Depot across Europe, not to mention having deep knowledge of the North American market. He is particularly respected for his ability to lead diversified, customer-attuned teams, whose focus is on product development, category management, marketing, strategy and customer service, and he has worked with literally thousands of associates who would concur.

Before starting Emerge, Mark led all the International customer relationships as Executive Vice President for Daymon Worldwide Inc. in 20 countries, focusing on how retailers could differentiate themselves more powerfully through their own brands. He led the fastest growing part of Daymon’s enterprise at $4+ Billion and over 1000 associates, one of his important legacies in his 28 years. Mark led Daymon’s new business efforts prior to his global role, and a majority of their domestic operations including on-site teams within Topco, HEB, Wegmans, Meijer, CVS and many others.

He is a retail and organizational visionary, and a true activist in driving the Retailer Brand industry into the future. As one of the Consumer Goods Forum’s “future leaders” and principal within their Global CEO program, as well as a key influencer across FMI’s Industry Relations Committee, Mark is a persuasive, trusted and well-respected voice.

Mark and his wife, Kim, have lived throughout the U.S., and now reside in Stamford, Connecticut.

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  1. Looks like you are off to a great start. Good luck!

  2. Looks like your company is doing great and life is fulfilling. Always knew you would succeed in anything you attempted.

    1. Thanks Kyle, we appreciate the compliment and kind regard. Best, Mark & Perry

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