Perry Seelert

Perry is the Co-Founder and Strategic Partner of Emerge, and has been on the front edge of retail, shopper marketing and branding throughout his career. Known for and recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on retailers’ proprietary brands, he has shaped clients’ programs across four continents and eight classes of trade. His passion is in helping companies see their unique DNA and positioning, and creating actionable marketing and sales strategies essential for their success.

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Prior to Emerge Perry co-founded and led United* DSN for six years, an award-winning branding and design firm embraced by many of the world’s most influential companies such as Pepsi, Lowe’s Home Improvement, CVS, A&P, Hearst Corporation, Starwood Hotels and Recreation Equipment Incorporated (REI). He directed all brand strategy, innovation, marketing planning and account management across these FMCG and Retail partners. United’s retail business alone reinvented over $7B of private brands.

Perry was the Chief Marketing Officer of Daymon Worldwide, leading their branding and field marketing subsidiary, C&M Marketing, where he partnered closely with retailers like Safeway, Meijer, HEB, Aeon and many others. He reinvigorated the company’s creative approach and reputation, attracted experienced talent, rebuilt their portfolio and developed global category management and marketing capabilities.

He was one of the first to lead the shopper marketing revolution as VP/Management Director of Saatchi & Saatchi’s Collaborative Marketing division, now Saatchi X, where he was at the forefront of customizing Procter & Gamble’s marketing at key retailers in the U.S. Today, he is still professing the power of retail and addressing its future, presenting at forums like the International Institute of Research’s “Private Label Impact” and “Future Trends” conferences, the Consumer Goods Forum’s “Future Leaders” event, IRI’s “Consumerama”, Western Michigan University’s annual food marketing conference and Daymon Worldwide biennials. He has an enthusiasm for branding and innovation that is also seen in his widely published articles in print and on-line.

Perry is a graduate from Northwestern’s Kellogg School and Hamilton College. Perry and wife, Karen, live in Wilton, Connecticut with their three children.

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