Global Private Label: A Best Practice In Italy

While my family and I were vacationing in Florence right before Labor Day, I couldn’t help getting into one of Conad’s newer Sapori & Dintorni stores, and was inspired again by its brilliance. I had been to Conad 10 years ago and saw Sapori & Dintorni in action, which literally means “Flavors & Neighborhoods” in Italian. S&D is Conad’s premium brand of 210 products that honor all the local specialties within the country, but now it is also a store format within the chain.

A successful private label portfolio that became a store banner in its own right!

The store is not 100% own brands, but Sapori & Dintorni products, which range from pastas to oils to legs of prosciutto, are prominently featured and advertised throughout. It is supplemented by 1200 Conad brand products, which are more mainstream positioned from a marketing point of view.

I am surprised that a North American retailer hasn’t partnered with Conad to license the Sapori & Dintorni line, as it is something that is truly unique, especially from a private brand perspective. A true best practice in product development, that brings Italy’s local cuisine and nuance to life in a way Mario Batali (and not just the best chefs, but brand marketers too) could appreciate.


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