Your Vision Is Not “Fluff”

Whether you are a CPG, retailer or service provider, there is a high likelihood that your people are consumed with what’s ten yards in front of their car rather than the highway ahead.

The immediacy of the moment and reacting to it is a natural behavior, and it is ok. It is human. But there are a surprising number of organizations, that don’t provide guidance on the destination, routing or even the right car to get there.

As a leader you have to provide the vision for the company, and there are four key rules to follow:

Make it ambitious.

A vision can never be mundane, as it is designed to inspire your team. Set the bar high, make it ambitious, and you will be surprised at how your best people will positively react and leap to get there.

Make it distinct.

It is amazing how many vision statements sound like they could apply to another company, and not uniquely and solely to you. If it sounds like it could apply to the competitor across the street, then the vision is not meaningful. As the leader, make it distinct for you.

Make it ever-present.

You have to remind your team frequently of what you are aiming for, so don’t be afraid to be repetitive with your vision, even making it ever-present in meetings and within the company environment.

Make it personal.

Most importantly, make it personal. As John Maxwell said, “People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision,” so it is your job to sell it.

Emerge is about creating leading brands, breakaway company strategies, and working with partners closely to ensure all 4 points above are brought to life.

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