Presenting at GlobalShop ’14

We are presenting Wednesday, March 19th at GlobalShop ’14 in Las Vegas. If you are going to the show, please stop by and see us!

being unremarkable.

Most people, brands and things are “average”, this is the law of life and thus the meaning of the word. Normal, regular, unassuming, just ok. But being unremarkable if you are a retailer or consumer packaged good today is a death sentence, where knowing your DNA and expressing it poignantly is the key to your success. So how do you distinguish yourself differently in today’s dynamic and cluttered marketplace, so that your sales and brand identity are maximized to their fullest effect? How do you connect with your consumers so that they love you?

In this presentation, Emerge will stimulate you to think about your place in the world distinctly, and there are four key learnings that they will focus on:

–       We will address the 10 key trends that affect all consumers, brands and suppliers and provoke the question of whether you are leading, following or not paying attention.

–       Emerge will give you new perspective on the need for speed and the need to rethink your marketing investments.

–       Emerge will define the important hurdles involved in moving from unremarkable to remarkable.

–       Emerge will talk about your “voice” – a voice that is verbal, visual structural and experiential, and the need to connect all the layers.

The overall goal of “being unremarkable” is to move you from following to leading, from average to a one-percenter, and provoke you to look in the mirror anew.

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